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Do you believe your child or teen's talents and passions should be seen and embraced?

Join us for a Taste of Learnlife from Home Hub and try something new!

What is Taste of Learnlife?

Taste of Learnlife introduces learners to an innovative, self-determined approach to learning, delivered in weekly, one-hour experiences through our online Home Hub.

These experiences are designed to be fun and engaging, while deepening learnersโ€™ knowledge and skills. Learners join our world-class learning guides on learning adventures as they explore their talents and passions โ€” all from the comfort of home.

What experiences can you choose from?

Primary Years (Ages 8-11) topics

  • Science
  • Magic Tricks
  • Time Travel
  • Tessellation Art

Middle Years (Ages 11-14) topics

  • Logo Design
  • Time Capsule
  • Storytelling
  • Perfect Machines
  • Think Global, Act Local
  • Re-enacting paintings
  • Express Yourself

Senior Years (Ages 15-18+) topics

  • Shoe Design
  • Experience Design
  • Create Your Own Business/Project
  • Infographics
  • Youth Social Movements
  • Web Design 101
  • The Mars Perseverance Rover
  • Illustrate a Horror Story

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How do I sign up?


๐Ÿ“ 1. Fill in the form on this page

๐ŸŒŽ 2. Choose learning experiences; we will send topics via email

๐ŸŽจ 3. Meet with the Learnlife team (if desired)

๐Ÿš€  4. Enrol and begin your Learnlife journey!